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Compromise Agreements-Fast

About Us is part of Halborg & Co. (Solicitors). We are experienced and friendly commercial lawyers with the benefit of many years of experience in the top UK law firms. We are specialist advisers and so the normal route is for us to advise you on the Compromise Agreement, and then sign a declaration for your employer confirming that we have given you independent advice so that the agreement is legally binding.

Meet some of our People: Scott Halborg and Julia Fairbanks

Our Solicitors are qualified in the laws of England and Wales and this firm is authorised and regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We are often able to secure a higher settlement than was originally proposed, and in almost all cases we are able to re-write the agreement to remove the more unreasonable clauses that employers initially propose. In addition, in many cases we are able to reduce the tax payable on the settlement package and deal appropriately with pension issues.

* We aim to arrange for a specialist employment lawyer to contact you within 4 hours when you contact us during our opening hours. If you contact us outside of our opening hours we will aim to arrange for an employment lawyer to call you back within 4 hours of our reopening