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Compromise Agreement Fast

What will it cost?

There are usually no costs at all to you for our advice upon the Compromise Agreement.

This is because it is customary for the employer to make a contribution to your legal costs, in addition to the compensation they pay you, in order to secure your agreement not to bring any Employment Tribunal claims against them. In most cases your employer offers the normal contribution to your fees so we can guarantee that our fee will not be greater than the contribution from your employer, and that there will be nothing for you to pay. However in more complex matters, or where your employer is only offering a small contribution to your fees, there may need to be an additional charge.

We can confirm the costs position as soon as we have reviewed the text of the draft Compromise Agreement and had a brief no-obligation and free initial discussion with you, either in person or on the telephone (as you prefer).

* We aim to arrange for a specialist employment lawyer to contact you within 4 hours when you contact us during our opening hours. If you contact us outside of our opening hours we will aim to arrange for an employment lawyer to call you back within 4 hours of our reopening